Coin master is one of the top grossing games in Android and iOS Market. Yes, this game is available on both the platforms. This game comes out to be so handy which takes up less space and runs smoothly on a compatible device. The game was first published in 2010 and gains popularity last year when its developer Moon Active released a trailer for this game. You can connect your account to Facebook which allows you to connect with your friends and raid their village. In order to defend you have to use pets and upgrade them more often.

Here are some essential things that every beginner must pay attention to-

How to Attack?

Attacks are represented by a lightning hammer on the slot machine. When you spin the slot machine and lands on this lightning hammer, this will take you to a new window. This window will open up to a random village where you can attack or you can select from your friends and one from your revenge list.

Fixation of your Village

It is obvious that your village will get attacked once. People use attacks or your friends would’ve attacked your village. Once you’re attacked by someone then your village will become a ruin and you have to fix this. To fix the damaged building, simply tap on fix button on the building and it will get fixed. Once the fix button is no longer available then you have to build different items normally.

Protecting a Village

When it comes to attacking, it seems simple and easy. But protecting a village can be difficult and it can give a hard time while doing so. There are basically 2 ways in which you can protect your village.

1)    You can use Shields as a protector and it will help you to defend your gold or resources and if the opponent is using Thief ability then Shield may not work. Shield has a total of 3 slots which means you can’t store more than three. That means you can protect your village three times with this.

2)    The Second and most interesting way to protect your village is by hatching a rhino pet. This will work when you run out of shields and have nothing left. Rhino has a certain percentage odds of jamming an attack.

What are Pets?

Everyone loves pets as they are a great companion in real life and even in this game. Pets in this game are a great friend in this game and it is the only thing that can help you conquer and become a Coin Master Cheats. Pets can help a lot of different ways and help you grow fast. After coins, Pets are the most important aspect of this Amazing Game.

Bottom Line

I hope these tips are helpful for you and work out successfully for you all. I will be coming up with more such tips, tricks and even basics of more such games. So Stay Tuned.