Every game has a different user interface and gameplay with all that different the players choose what kind of game they’re willing to play. Some games have easy controls and simple user interface that makes the game looks easy and well understandable. One of those games is Plants vs. Zombies, which is created by Electronic Arts, and the graphics of the game is very smooth and suitable for every mobile device. 

Exclusive gameplay with great graphics

v  There is no doubt that Electronics Arts are the best developer in the market, and every game they make is unique. The graphics of the game is made very smooth, colorful and attractive. In PVZ 2 the gameplay and storyline have been changed a bit which makes the player to play it too. From the previous version, this version has extra characters of plants and zombie and new locations and PvP battles also.

v  The main motive of the player is that they have to save the world again who are going t5o take over the world again. In the game, players have to make the team and battle with zombies, amazing skills and abilities are the favorite things in the game.

v  Build strategy and stop the zombies from coming at the plant lawns, make proper formation and attack at the zombies at once to stop them all. The PVZ 2 is a successful game so far, and every player loves it.