This year, Konami has launched a new bunch of new features of the Pes 2019 series for soccer lovers. To win the game in 90 minutes time, we have brought some of the best tips to help you achieve the success over the opponent team. To ensure your victory, the game has been released with some new tips and tricks as well as the Pes 2019 Hack which improves the victory chances.

Finding difficulty in the first touch?

It’s a bottle neck problem for the beginner of the game and a bit painful to find the first touch. First touch may be tricky to find out in first few matches.

  • Well, player should start the training, as most of the professionals do. Here you have less pressure then the real game.
  • For attacking scenarios utilize headers and volleys challenge and far less technique side also be handy to use.
  • Advanced set of information is an asset for you and has options as attacking full backs, playing false nines, rotating winders and on defensive side things.
  • Make major league more of challenging and choose between Classic and Challenge under the Club Operations tab.
  • Be the player who can play with weather change as snow and rainfall is the monster; decrease your chances of victory.
  • It would be wise to use full width of the pitch and build best team or squad.
  • Play the game patiently and keep yourself in defending mode without giving the other team clear path to goal.

Modes of the game to play with

  • There are two kinds of modes the game Pes has. You can opt for matches between both PVE and PVP mode.
    • PVE mode is more suitable for the new player of the game till the player gain full expertise in the game.
    • PVP mode where player faces the real game challenges to simulate the match. Simulation consequences depend on the overall performance of the team and players. The game has Pes 2019 Hack if you love enjoying football matches.

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