Gardenscape basic guide for Beginners

This game is simulation with cool game play and available for both android and IOS users platform. It is a interesting game with beautiful story. When user defends to other players and get to top of the rank than he will get better prize.  After 10th level you will introduce to various complicated levels. It’s depends on situation what will you get hard or easy task. Sometimes you will get 100th level much easier & harder levels before. Here are the some basic lessons for the beginners that can help to understand the game.


Collect more and more stars-

Star is essential part of the game by getting Gardenscapes Cheats when player have completed their task he’ll get one point. User can use stars to do decorate mansion like build a new tree house, fix new statue, new fountain. He will have to complete all the tasks of the day then they are able to get scores.

Always try to attach 4 objects-

As usual, User always want to match 3 objects but if user see an opportunity than he should merge 4 objects, it is best way to complete game within limited moves without losing any life because difficulty increase after level 10 and move decrease.

Hidden Gnomes-

Finally, User can find gnomes under any section of grass. There are always relations between small and big gnomes. If you are searching for small ones you will buried find inside 2 squares. Big ones are also tricky you have to do one thing when you find one part of the body then you should have to guess the other one. You should merge 4 objects together and make bomb and blast them.