Episode: Choose Your Story Game – Massive Information About Currencies

You may have played many video games in your life but you will definitely get amaze after playing this unique game called Episode Choose Your Story Hack. It not only gives you best gameplay but there are many exciting features that you will like it. Basically, players are able to play different episodes of different stories in the game. Some stories are for free but after reaching the high level you need to spend primary currency on it. Gems and passes both are very important currencies of the game so players should always pay attention its collection. No doubt, currency is available daily but there are some unique methods those will support you to attain the resources.

In addition to this, there is nothing important than the currencies so try to be active. These currencies will help players to unlock the locked different episodes. You should always be active or once in a day because the currency is produced every day. I don’t collect it then you may lose, which can prove really harmful to you. Furthermore, there is nothing better than the game in which players can also publish their own imaginative stories. It doesn’t matter which device you have because game developers Episode Choose Your Story developed for IOS and Android both platforms. 

Use gems and passes for surviving in the game

We people belong from that world, where everybody carries their mobile phone or tablet in order to play the Episode: Choose Your Story Game. As it is a unique game then it also includes some currencies. Gems and passes, both are very important for survival. Furthermore, once you collect the resources then both will help your in-game. Gems and passes are the sole keys that will provide you great support to the players.


This unique currency is major in the game and it automatically generates every day so you don’t need to face any complication for collecting it. You just need to wait for a whole day and get the currency. It is really an important currency and you can easily buy clothing items and other accessories from it. Some gamers collect the huge amount of the gems so they get a privilege to unlock new stories. Even they can also purchase the primary currency which will prove helpful in the game. Well, if you are player of the game then try to save gems as possible as you can because it plays an important role in making progress in a game.


If we talk about the passes then it is a primary currency which player can use for different purposes in the game. Due to the currency, you can easily buy different episodes of the stories to play. You will get lots of episodes in a story so you can play some parts of every story without paying anything. Instead of this, other stories are available when players spend their passes on it. You are able to earn the passes on daily basis.

Spend the currencies wisely

Having huge amount of currency is the dream of every gamer and it is beneficial especially for those players who are facing lots of issues in the game. No doubt, we get the gems easily but it doesn’t mean that with the help of this method you can easily attain endless resources. Therefore, try to find out the best sources in order grab the gems and passes because both are very important currencies. Once you understand the concept of the currencies then you are able to be the best the in the game.