If you are a beginner at Design Home and not know how to play it then here today, we will tell you some tactics. These tips are useful to enchase your performance and winning chances. Before some tips, we want to give some basic information about the game. It is the best simulation game to provide a new idea related to home. Lots of exciting and enjoyable things are available related to a house to give a new look. With the help of graphics, you can experience the real world.

How to play-

For playing the game firstly, you can download it from the game store and install in your device. When you open the game, some information will come with a practice match. In the beginning two types of bubbles available, the first one is blue bubbles and second is purple bubbles. Blue bubbles must be filled, and purple bubbles are optional. After complete the missions, you have options to log in with Facebook or play as the guest.

  1. Boost the level-

If you want to unlock the items for playing the game, then boost the level. You can increase the level via complete the missions and events. With the help of coins, you can also grow it so by trying Design Home Hack.  If you decorate your room and give a unique look, then you also obtain some rewards. So always try to boost the level to unlock rewards.

  1. Use resources wisely-

The resources are the essential part of Design Home to survive better. It is very hard to obtain, but with the help of missions and events, you can obtain it. Always spend it on useful things means don’t west it on useless items. You can also buy the resources with the help of currencies. If you want to enchase your level, then use it wisely.


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