Hey guys!! I love cakes and to write about easy recipes of different flavored cakes in my own blog, so how about to read a recipe about delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake. Let’s check it out.


 Before you get ready to bake a cake lets get all ingredients ready first when it comes to baking. They are very affordable, but the best part is they are very non-stick, so this cake just slid right out of the pan. The last thing you want is half your cake left behind in the pan. Firstly take all the dry ingredients like flour, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, sugar powder, salt and whisk it.

 Later in a separate medium sized bowl mix all the dry ingredients with warm milk and little bit oil added to it and whisk again without any lumps, you will get a thick batter oh chocolate and milk if anything optional ingredients you want to add just goes ahead.

 One of the many benefits in baking a vegan chocolate cake is there is no matter of eggs, Now pour the chocolate batter into a wide cake baking bowl and keep it in an oven for 45minutes and you get your cake baked. Now it’s time for cake frosting, a cake is incomplete without the frosting so let’s make it out.

By adding whipping cream, choco powder, sugar powder and milk to it and blend it until a thick and sticky part comes. Now frosting for cake is ready, you will get the frosting as the given image,


Now spread the frosting on cake and cover the cake completely with frosting and sprinkle the sugar powder on top and serve it with frosted raspberries at the top. If any optional dipping required for the cake make hot chocolate dip.


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