If you are looking for the first and best racing games for the mobile which you carry all the time with you, then look at some particular game on the gaming websites. Many sites provide ample information about the racing games, and you can check every game’s ins and outs.  In this article, I want to suggest one first game i.e., Pixel Car Racer. This includes all the useful features of any swift car racing game. Just download this beautiful game to your handsets to have proper fun. There are a lot of things game which you should know before playing the game, and for this, you can download the Pixel car Racer cheats which may benefits you in the hard faces of the game.

Is this game is free of cost?

Yes, the game is free of cost, and you need to pay nothing in the both of the platforms of Google and ios. Download this game from Google if you have android phones and vice versa iPhones. But at a few places, you may need to buy things for the car upgrade with your real-life money.

Graphics of the game

The game includes the graphics which is quite light. You can compare all the graphics of the game with the old-style game. That is why the game gives you a glimpse of vintage style games, which you generally play in your school and colleges days. There are a lot of gaming sites which offer good help about the playing of the game by allowing you to download the Pixel Car Racer cheats which are quite helpful to use.