Everyone wants to play the better games on their mobile, but they are not able to find their idle game. Battlelands Royale is the best game for them to keep your mind tension free. You can play it as a good source of entrainment. It is the best action game created by the future play studio, and you can download it directly from the game stores.

You can meet with a variety of weapons in the game; each weapon has their unique and interesting advantages. All weapons in the game are useful in their place, it all depends on you that how you use them.

Type of weapons 

Peacemaker – It is the beginner’s gun with low power, but it also works for you when you don’t have any weapon to kill the opponent.

Shotgun – It is a perfect gun for all the players in the game; you can use it in any fights. Shotgun give you feature for close range, and you can kill your enemies with a single shot by using it. You should use the shotgun with a shield because it takes a little bit time to reload the gun. Don’t waste your ammo in simple fights, because it is hard for you to collect more for a shotgun.

Assault rifle – It is an all-rounder gun, and you can use it to make the high damage of your opponent.

Sniper – You can call it the best gun of the game because it does high damage and gives you high range to kill your enemies. It should be your best weapon because you can kill your enemies more quickly by using the sniper.

Minigun- The only way to find the gun is airdropping; it is hard for you to buy it from the market so always try to buy it for the heavy damage.  You can kill multiple enemies the minigun.

Bazooka – It is also airdropped item, and you can do high damage of your opponents by using the bazooka. It is a slow moving weapon, and you have to hit multiple players by using it. It is hard for you to find the ammo for it.


You should choose your idle gun for all different matches because it’s your responsibility to know how to use the weapons for playing the game perfectly. Always try to give your best to earn more coins with Battlelands Royale Hack 2018 to upgrade all guns.

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