We watch many fiction stories and love to watch, without any good stories we do not like to watch it. If you have a story, then Episode mobile game is warmly welcome you in his platform. Episode let you make your story and publish it on Episode platform. This game is fiction based you can see many stories and customize your characters. You can check out this in your free time. Along with you can chat with your friends. In a different category you can select your story theme. Episode played over 2.5 billion stories.

Features of Episode

Talk about some Episodes

Versatile episodes attract you and not take much time to grab your free time. These episodes are different from each other. Adventure, romance, and other category episode user much likes. Your animated hero portrays your story. You can date with boy/girl, and it gives you a wonderful feeling. You need some passes to enter, so you gain passes. Some shortcut with hacks so you can get some other free passes with Episode Hack it is safe and not requires any extra information you can log in with only your game account.

User-generated Episodes

Without prior information, it is not easy to create a story with the capability to earn money so, first of all, you read some guide, and after full read, you can start your journey. Now you can create your story and gain some rewards. You start a story with the very strong character because it will help you for the limelight.

Easy development tools

Game developers create development tools. It is very easy to use. By these tools, you can decorate the gameplay of your Episode. You can create a new character for your stories by just selecting the new character menu. Only fill the name of a character and tap the button create and save. You can also update some tools with Episode hack. It is free of cost.

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